Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Stack of photos..

The stack of photos I found, making the flow of memories return. I'm astonished at how much I've changed from the 8-11 year old to now :) I begin to wonder whether she would be proud or think as me as strange because the girl in the photos has truly gone, and quite frankly I miss her! I refer to her as a second person because I really don't recognise her, (me, myself).
Rethinking about how easy life was back then and not knowing decisions for my future and the stress of everyday life and issues which riddle their way through each and every persons life. Was great.
Being young kept us immune from that, not knowing. 
I love my life now I love my family and my friends but it's a whole new aspect from then..new people, new people which have became so much in my present now. My past self would have never come to thinking who I am today. 
I'm proud of who I am, and I'm proud of who I was. Much bigger( taller literally haha) more confident, but I want my past self to remain in me I don't want to forget, She will always be there and help me through my life until I...well that's a bit dark and gloomy :3 

Catching fire, FINISHED

Catching fire has been such a joy to read and the ending...wow! You just can't put the book down once you start! I'm definitely ready for BOOK 3 :3 
The book was so exhilarating and exciting you can't help but want to read on and on :3 
The end page...once read all is just...SAAAAAY WHAT!!


Saturday, 20 July 2013

About me

first post...

I'll start by introducing myself, my name is Tamara. However I'd prefer being called Flair, its like having a second identity and well that's pretty cool, i guess. I'm currently trying NEW things, things that I would never think I would try. Such as skateboarding. Being a girl makes me feel more socially awkward around male skateboarders as they are rightfully allowed to be able to skateboard if you get what I mean...NO, thats okay. Never the less apart from the horrible feeling of failing and getting laughed at, i actually want to achieve some thing that a so called guy can. Or just be able to actually do something that girls shouldn't be apart of. I also love all different types of music, i'm not afraid to listen to something new; I use to like pop but not really that fond of it anymore :D but apart from that I enjoy a variety of music. which to me is kinda strange...but I guess no one would be disappointed, as there is always a song they will like.  My love for food, is unbelievably epic! and SURPRISE I love different types of art, its fascinating what a person can create, with simple art resources.

 Well that's a brief summary of moi...interesting (I wish)