Saturday, 20 July 2013

About me

first post...

I'll start by introducing myself, my name is Tamara. However I'd prefer being called Flair, its like having a second identity and well that's pretty cool, i guess. I'm currently trying NEW things, things that I would never think I would try. Such as skateboarding. Being a girl makes me feel more socially awkward around male skateboarders as they are rightfully allowed to be able to skateboard if you get what I mean...NO, thats okay. Never the less apart from the horrible feeling of failing and getting laughed at, i actually want to achieve some thing that a so called guy can. Or just be able to actually do something that girls shouldn't be apart of. I also love all different types of music, i'm not afraid to listen to something new; I use to like pop but not really that fond of it anymore :D but apart from that I enjoy a variety of music. which to me is kinda strange...but I guess no one would be disappointed, as there is always a song they will like.  My love for food, is unbelievably epic! and SURPRISE I love different types of art, its fascinating what a person can create, with simple art resources.

 Well that's a brief summary of moi...interesting (I wish)

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