Monday, 12 August 2013

Me and my lameness :)

Well hello again I'd thought I'd catch you up on my life! Because I want to remember my 6 weeks holidays! 
So, me tempting to do skating at first was awful! I decided to become a poser, that's why I'm currently posing on my board (get it of course you do) . That day was great, and I surely do love skating, I've improved, not extremely but enough; the basics is to try and keep trying that's how you become better and don't give up! So now I can do a moving ollie, and go down some ramps! Yeah yeah not the most epic things in the books but I'm going to carry on, no matter what! 
At first I was kind of embarrassed, As if I was being judged, but nobody frankly cares, it's best to hang around with someone who's great! So people can be amused by their great tricks! Then somebody who's at the same level as you, so you can both be together becoming better I suppose (whoops that sounded awfully cheesy) ...oh and you've got to be brave....if your scared that's something that will ruin your progress! 

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